"Priyam Bharatam"

Priyam Bharatam is a musical album that celebrates the spirit of India's rich and varied cultural heritage


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Swagatam Preview $0.99
Vocals: CVSubs, Gayatri, Kannan & Deepa


  "Raaga Medley"

Raaga Medley is a compilation of fusion tracks that explore the intricasies of classical raagas in various forms. Raagas are the building blocks of Indian classical music - both Carnatic and Hindustani. A raaga is a series of five or more distinct musical notes forming a melody. The basic mode of reference in modern Hindustani practice (known commonly as the shuddha - basic - form) is a set which is equivalent to the Western Ionian mode - this is called Bilawal thaat in Hindustani music (the Carnatic analogue would be Sankarabharanam). The tracks in this album blend raagas with western chords to create melodies.


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Rising Preview $0.99
Progression Preview $0.99
Rythms Preview $0.99
Buy the Entire Album Preview $3.95
More tracks coming soon...
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